resource??? idk I made this months ago don’t worry I’ll post Yamabuki, Higa Chuu, Rokkaku and other teams/people I haven’t included in this post OwO/

in order: base color, shadow color, highlight color

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My reaction when I see any cat (ahaha exactly like Kaidoh)

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Koe no Katachi covers

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Okay, got it, where’s the “I give up, you’re so gay” button?



my Robe de Celadon by Juliette et Justine
(Ecru x Mist green)
photo by reafre

I fall in love with the lace. It is very soft and delicate. Mist green color is also my favorite.

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mayoko-chan said: Can you draw some Yukimura-Sanada please? I just found your blog and your art is beautiful ^.^





lovelizlisa said: marui and jackal for the otp thing I want to hear about bubbleyum


i learned a lot today about how i ship this very nice ship. its a good ship

who wakes the other one up with kisses: probably marui if i had to choose but they don’t strike me as super lovey dovey. I bet they have a lot of sweet moments but early in the morning like that it’s like WAKE UP NERD!! (pillow fighting and yelling ensues)

who cooks for who: MARUI he is canonically a great cook and can make all kinds of delicious sweet things. jackal isn’t too bad himself, but mostly he just helps with small stuff and stays out of the way when marui is IN THE MARUI ZONE. hes really happy because he gets to personally taste all the good stuff marui makes.

who is the morning person/night person: marui gets up when the heck he feels like it. i think they both like sleeping in when they can but they have a lot going on and have to be punctual with tennis and work and BREAKFAST so probably they are morning people whether they like it or not.

who is the romantic one: JACKAL the bit from pairpuri and calling him partner and all i think he’s a bit of a sap where maruis like oho of course you’d be smitten with a GENIUS such as myself but he’s romantic in his own way when he remembers to be but its layered with teasing and his arrogant attitude so really only the people closest to him get to see how sweet he really is.

who is the top when it comes to sex: both? i want to say technically jackal but marui seems to boss him around a lot and sort of lead things so i feel like he initiates things a lot. most ships i dont really see a designated top/bottom im all about the switching here on hyouteiblue.tumblr.com

who would lead in ballroom dancing: marui would insist because he wants to show off his genius moves but hes probably not as good as he thinks he is so it mostly ends in awkward stumbling and WELL i never much liked dancing anyway. then they go raid the dessert table.

who is the more cuddly one: maruis not much of a snuggler he’s kind of like ok thats cool see you later bro. jackal does have his rare clingy moments and marui learns to accept it

who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch: they fight over it a lot jackal likes old classic films and marui prefers action packed blockbusters and they insult each other tastes and argue over it until one of them gets bored or falls asleep. movie time is war

who is the one who would pay for dates: jackal most of the time i mean come on “this bill will be paid…. by jackal!!” (runs away super fast)

who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes: LEWD. probably marui jackal seems like too much of a responsible kid for that


HAHA I keep drawing either jackal-maruis or kaidoh-momo-ryoma


HAHA I keep drawing either jackal-maruis or kaidoh-momo-ryoma

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can we just talk about how married Yukimura and Sanada look in the official art.